6 reasons you should use solar energy

6 reasons you should use solar energy

Solar energy is the endless source of energy that nature has given to humans, making use of this energy source is still limited, so GEE sent to readers 6 reasons to use solar energy to meet the economic needs in Daily life.

In Vietnam there are many advantages of utilizing solar energy because it is in the most solar distribution range of the year on the World Solar Radiation map. But taking advantage of this source of energy is still limited, so DAT sends to readers 6 reasons to use solar energy to meet the economic demands in everyday life.

 1.   Use solar energy to reduce your energy bill: the average co

st for electricity production is now around 2500 dong/KWh (Business power price) and this has increased by about 7% annually. Estimate that an average household use will use approximately 3500KWh/year. A typical grid 2kwp solar system can offer over 50% of this demand. You will save money by reducing the use of a lot of power from the grid.

2.    Use solar energy to overcome future power prices increases: Electricity prices

have increased by about 7% per year and are expected to rise. Demand for electricity has also evolved considerably over the past few years. Along with the economic development, this increase will be large. The solar system can be designed so that the electricity needs of a household are met in whole or in part. This can eliminate or reduce your dependence on the power supply network.


3.    Use solar grid to increase the value of your company:

In the US evaluation Journal of the National Institute of Appraisal from 1999 says that the value of your home increases by about £10 per £0.50 reduces the annual electricity bill. Based on this average a 1.8 kwp solar grid system can increase the value of your house by more than 4,000 pounds. However, no formal studies have been made in Britain showing how solar grid affects your House value.

4.    Using solar wire mesh is an investment:

at present you can get a better percentage of your profits by investing your savings into a grid solar power system rather than placing it in a bank account , talk to our solar energy experts to learn more about this. The percentage of profits on your solar power settings will likely increase annually if the power price rises. For more information on the profits you can get, call us today.

5.    Using solar energy is more green: an

average 1.8 kwp solar power system can reduce your family's carbon footprint by more than 900kgco2 per year. Once your solar system connectors have been installed and booted and run, the electricity production from the solar grid does not emit toxic emissions.

6.    Solar power connectors reliable and maintenance-free technology

: Solar mesh connectors have been proven to be a reliable technology. Most solar panel manufacturers offer 20-25 years of warranty for their cellular products. A grid solar system has no moving parts so very little maintenance is required. This combined along with the long expected life time of a system means that once installed it is practically everything is arranged for at least 30 years.

Source: dattech.com.vn

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