Power saving Solution – Solar power system HOA grid.

Grid solar power system is one of the solutions supported by customers/enterprises, solar power system is a power saving solution with outstanding advantages of optimizing economic benefits and helping to reduce CO2 emissions into the environment.

Solar power today has been used in many households, factories, hospitals, schools… In Vietnam, with the intensity of average solar radiation, the solar power system achieves optimal performance this is a power saving solution by reducing energy use on the grid.

The construction of the solar power grid system.

  • Solar panels
  • Power Adapter (Inverter)
  • Gantry frame, bracket, interface wire, accessories
  • DC and AC Electrical cutting cabinets

The principle of operation of the solar power system HOA grid.

The system will transform into one-way power (DC) from solar panels into an alternating power source (AC) via a grid-connected power adapter (inverter). The converter is programmed with the Maximum Power Point Tracker_MPPT from the batteries in order to optimize the power received from solar energy.

The system will synchronize the phase and the connection between solar power and mains; In it, priority uses the solar power supplied directly to the load. Specifically:

  • When the power grid with load capacity, the load will consume completely electricity from the power system NLMT
  • When the load capacity is greater than the grid capacity, the load will get more grid offset.
  • When the load capacity is less than the grid power, the amount of power that will push the power meter and the 2-way electric power meter is recorded.

Surplus electricity will be pushed to HOA synchronized with the National Grid and acquired by electricity for 1,916 đ/kWp. This is also the outstanding efficiency of the solar power grid system. Therefore, using solar power not only saves the cost, protects the environment but also is considered the power saving solution worth investing effectively in the present moment.

Economic algorithm of "power saving solution" from solar power

In the southern region, the day is a Sun > 4h so that the system reaches its maximum capacity (the number of power hours in the North is 3.5). With NLMT 4 kWp power system, each day the system will produce 4 * 4 kWp = 16 kWp, equivalent to 1 month of electricity produced 16 * 30 = 480 kWp power. With current electricity prices, calculating the average 1 month cost-saving system of electricity is 919.680 per month. The total cost that the NLMT 4kWp power system saves for 1 year will be 11,036,160 đ. The increase in cost savings if the electricity price increases annually.  Therefore, the use of solar power connectors is the main economical investment in power saving solutions.

Advantages of solar power grid system.

  • The system does not use batteries so the cost of low investment and maintenance, simple operation. Easy to upgrade system extension;
  • The lifetime of the high solar battery system, the peak power output of the warranty battery of 25 years;
  • Saving electricity costs, contributing to protecting the environment;
  • The system automatically stops functioning in the event that the mains grid takes to ensure the safety of the grid and the user;
  • Grid solar power system is the efficient power saving solution that households, businesses can not ignore.