Solar theory and application in Vietnam

In the clean energy sources that we are concerned with promising development are devices that use solar power. It does not affect other resources such as water or air will contribute to reducing global environmental pollution and greenhouse effects

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So what is solar energy?

It is a line of electromagnetic radiation that comes from the sun combined with the energy molecules caused by the stars in the universe that come from the stars. It is seen as a step in future technological development that provides clean and free energy for everyone

Most people in the world are using a solar power source into everyday applications that make life more convenient for humans. Can substitute for traditional fuel sources that are gradually depleted like petroleum, coal. It became a product that attracted researchers and developments at world Technology fairs in the 22nd century

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How does the history of solar panels begin?

The first French physicist Alexandre Edmond Becquerel at the age of 19 took 1839 while experimenting with his father at the laboratory. He published his findings in an article in May 02, 1973 but 10 years later the product is the solar battery by Charles Fritts, which created a layer of gold to make the circuit for this device at the time with 1% performance. It was not until 1888 Russian physicist Aleksandr Stoletov launched a principle battery based on the discovery of Heinrich Hertz in 1887.

Works explaining the photoelectric effect brought to Albert Einstein with the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921. But it was not until the year that Russell Ohl was considered the creator of the complete solar panel in 1946. Next to Sven Ason Berglund There is a method involved in developing the ability to feel light from the sun of the battery.

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Albert Einstein explained the photoelectric effect in 1905, which helped him win the Nobel Prize in Physics in the year 1921. Russell Ohl was considered the creator of the first Solar battery in 1946. Sven Ason Berglund has a method associated with increasing the battery's ability to feel light.

The structure of solar batteries

  • The semiconductor used to form the battery plate on the cells is silicon crystals. The most common solar batteries are silicon-crystalline

Materials and performance

Through the laboratory process and the application of renewable energy developers have used a lot of materials. There are two ways to evaluate battery quality as price and performance

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The transition from light to power

When a light ray touches a silicon photovoltaic cell, one of the two processes will occur.

When a photon touches a silicon piece, one of the following two things will happen:

When the sunlight (photons) transmitted to the photovoltaic cells it is absorbed. Usually electrons are sensitive outer layers of atomic crusts that often move the side of the atom so it only runs around. When Electron particles are irritated it will become freely moved in the semiconductor circuit. Then atoms will lack an Electron and they call it an empty hole. Give the electrons a constant move to the adjacent empty holes. It will create the current when these empty holes are filled by the eclectron beside

Theoretical application and practical use of solar power in Vietnam

Potential Endless resources

Because Vietnam is located in the equatorial latitude, so there is the intensity of radiation from the sun, so we have a rich source of renewable energy from the sun stretching from the north to the South

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According to the energy houses, if you make full use of energy electricity from the sun will contribute to promoting the development of the countryside. According to the expected suppliers, by 2020, the government will sponsor 100% of Power users in Mountain VADs, islands and disadvantaged areas in Vietnam.

Benefits of battery power from the sun

-It is a renewable source of energy we do not need to provide fuel nor emit greenhouse substances. Since the sun can produce a billion-year light, it is an endless source of energy

-Don't worry about being exhausted or exploited like oil. It is a natural source of energy, not afraid to compete with anyone in using it

-We can put the batteries wherever the light is to be. The new generation can be compact and many utilities. For example on top of his roof, it does not require much area

The solution

-No noise and fuel. Very little maintenance as other machines

-Can be used anytime, anywhere in the world

A cheap solar grid system

A complete family system consisting of a minimum of 2 batteries of approximately 250 Wp. If multiple general households can use 3-8 panels. Mount fixed on the roof on the mounting brackets accompanied by the conductor and the inverter is suspended on the ceiling. The power sockets originate from the Inverter to output devices using

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